Terms and Conditions - Terms

The lease agreement:

The completed time lease for the rental property comes about between you as a tenant and the Bessis property Mourad Bessis. Subject of the contract is the temporary use of a rental property for residential purposes.

  1. The renter may at any time withdraw from the rental agreement or provide a replacement renter.
    The declaration of resignation or substitute tenant is effective from the day on which it is received by the landlord (host sounds like invitation for free). In order to avoid later disagreements, the written form (letter, fax, e-mail) is urgently recommended! For a withdrawal up to 12 weeks before arrival, no costs will be incurred for the tenant. For a pre-paid rental payment, this amount will be refunded. For a resignation after the 11 week before the beginning of the rental period, the host may request appropriate compensation for the landlord pursuant to § 651 j BGB.

The claim for compensation amounts:

  1. a) in case of withdrawal from 12 to 08 weeks before arrival: 20% of the rental price
    b) in case of withdrawal from 08 to 04 weeks before arrival: 50% of the rental price
    c) in case of withdrawal from 04 to 02 weeks before arrival: 80% of the rental price
    d) in case of withdrawal from 02 weeks before arrival or in case of no-show: 100% of the rental price.
  2. Complaints must be reported by the renter immediately or at the latest within 24 hours to the landlord. The landlord endeavors to remedy the defects within a reasonable time.
  3. The renter undertakes to protect the premises leased by him, including the inventory, from damage and at the end of the rental period with all keys and accessories according to the inventory
    to return again. Damaged or unusable items must be replaced in such a way that the landlord no disadvantage.
  4. The renter also undertakes not to make any harm to the rental property or the inventory, also to report anything that is detrimental or unfounded to the landlord and not to sublet the property in whole or in part, i. E. The property may only be inhabited by those persons mentioned below.
  5. Legal effect of electronic media; The management reserves the right not to recognize claims arising from the misuse of homepage, e-mail data or e-mail addresses.
  6. Self-inflicted damage to the home or inventory is borne by the renter. Missing items according to the inventory list are subject to a charge. No clogging objects should be thrown into the abortions and sewers.
  7. In the apartment may not be smoked. The stove must not be used as it is a decoration object. Pets are not allowed in the apartment or require the explicit written consent of the landlord. This may result in a negotiable tenancy. Telephone and other charges will be settled at the end of the lease.
  8. Disputes arising from the present contract shall be deemed to be the place of rental property as place of jurisdiction. Decisive is German law.